Magento eCommerce php5 di nuova generazione

Magento eCommerce

MAGENTO Open source Ecommerce per php5Magento eCommerce di nuova generazione per costruire siti di commercio elettronico, installabile sia su Linux che su Windows, anche se consigliato il primo LINUX

SITO PRODUTTORE: Magentocommerce.com


( Admin Username: admin – Password: 123123 )

Linux o UNIX (Windows è supportato ma non è consigliato)

Apache Web Server (1.x or 2.x)

PHP 5.2.0 or newer, with the following extensions/addons:





MySQL 4.1.20 or newer

A Sendmail-compatible Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) – Magento will connect directly to an SMTP server if you don’t have an MTA

We also recommend the use of APC as a bytecode cache for performance improvements. You can find it in the PECL archives here: http://pecl.php.net/package/APC. Other bytecode cache systems are not supported at this time.



    • Customer Features

            * Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
            * Customer Communication
            * Ship to Multiple Addresses
            * Search
            * Product Comparison
            * Layered Navigation
            * Product Tagging
            * Product Reviews
            * Wishlist
            * Checkout
            * Shopping Cart
            * Customer Accounts

    • Administration Panel

            * Marketing Features
            * Reports
            * Defining Tax Rules
            * Products and Catalog
            * Content Management System (CMS)
            * Customer Groups
            * Import/Export
            * Permissions (ACL)

    • General

            * Design Packages
            * Multiple Currencies
            * Multiple Websites
            * Multiple Languages
            * Payment and Shipping

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